Plan Comparison On Mobile

Aflac’s software, Everwell, allows clients to enroll themselves into health insurance plans without an Aflac agent being present. Everwell is mobile-friendly for clients who are “on-the-go” but the concern is that there is a lot of content on each screen which makes self-enrollment easier on a desktop computer or tablet. One of the most troubling UI is the plan comparison where the client can view multiple insurance plans side-by-side to compare the offerings. The problem is that most cell phone users scroll vertically, will users intuitively scroll right to see the plan comparison? Or will they automatically scroll vertically instead?


Method: Prototype Testing

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Step 1: Create Prototype

Using UI cuts of Everwell’s plan comparison screen I quickly created a mobile prototype using sketch and Usually my team uses invision for prototypes but at the time Invision did not offer the ability to perform horizontal scrolling. Instead I used You can learn about my first hand experience with in my blog post.


Step 2: Recruit participants & Test

According to NNG, usability studies do not need a large participant pool to gain valuable insights. This was great news because I was on a tight budget. So I recruited 10 participants using My prototype was created exclusively for iPhone users so without going into greater detail due to NDA, that I was the biggest way I filtered the participant pool.

Photo: Former desktop view of plan comparison. Unable to share mobile prototype.

Photo: Former desktop view of plan comparison. Unable to share mobile prototype.

Step 3: Analyze results & Document

90% of the participants successfully completed the task of “review the dental insurance information and select the cheapest option.” The user needed to scroll horizontally to view the cheapest plan and click the select button to put it in the cart.

Only one user did not complete the task correctly and were confused. 20% of the participants immediately scrolled vertically then tried to scroll horizontally when they noticed a design indicator to move left/right. Overall, 70% of the participants intuitively scrolled horizontally to compare health insurance plans on their phone.

“This was a very easy process.”

“Simple. I like it.”

“I think I did this right. Seemed easy enough.”

Were some of the verbal feedback we received in the user testing recording.