Empowered Benefits’ Legacy Redesign

Empowered Benefits created a HR admin software for companies to manage their employees’ health insurance benefits. Examples of companies that currently use it or have used this software in the past are Lowes, Harris Teeter, Synder’s Lance and VCU Medical Center. This legacy platform is a robust software with the ability to customize to every company’s needs but is outdated and ready for a facelift.

To learn and assess the user’s needs, pain points and workflow to create an efficient software without compromising it’s robust abilities that everyone loves.


Due to NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), I cannot go deep into details because the redesign is still in progress. However, I will highlight my research work below.

  • -Personas: Created personas for the multiple types of users. Documenting their training levels, goals, motivations, pain points and other software they use to perform their jobs.

  • In-Person Interviews: Interviewed the users of the software to understand their work flows, likes/dislikes, IT problems and their “work arounds” for it, work environment to develop solutions for their pain points in the redesign.

  • Phone Interviews: Interviewed remote users of the software for the same reasons listed above.

  • Journey Map: Created a journey map using sticky notes in collaboration with UX Designers after performing phone and in-person interviews.