journey map.png

Organizing Requirements & Constraints from Stakeholders

Methods: Journey Mapping, Personas, Card Sorting, Tree Test, Prototype Testing, Surveys

What I learned after creating a Journey Map:

  • Despite having a better understanding of an insurance agent’s work process, there are still gaps in their work. In other words, there are intricacies in their work process that my team does not understand.

  • A 2nd journey map needed to be created because there is a different process for AAOD clients.

  • And more that must be left confidential…


Using the people I met during the field studies and interviews, I created dozens of personas. These personas are valuable because we can walk them through the journey map to ensure the softwares features meet their needs.

Multiple card sorting tests, tree tests, prototype tests and a few surveys were also implemented.

I’d love to share my research process and experience with you when the opportunity arises.